ballet, tap and jazz dance classes in texas


Ages 2.5 - 7
Beginning Ballet Technique, following tempos with different Tap sounds, and introduction to Jazz with basic coordination movement using upbeat and popular music.

Level 1 = 1st & 2nd Year Dancers (At Any Studio)

Level 2 = Must Have 2 Or More Years Of Training (At Any Studio)

learn ballet in texas


Ages 8 & up
Training and technique based on the classical positions of the feet and body in a system of progression as set forth by Dance Educators of America.

tap dance classes in texas


Ages 8 & up
Teaches rhythmic footwork in both the classical and urban styles. Tap enhances musicality, rhythm, and motor skills.

jazz dance classes in texas


Ages 8 & up
Training in popular dance used in stage, television, movies, and videos. It infuses many styles including Musical Theater, Ethnic, and Contemporary.

hip hop dance classes in texas


Ages 2½ & up
A fun class with a funky edge to the popular urban youth culture style of dance used in the music media.

lyrical and modern dance classes in texas


Ages 8 & up
Admission by teacher recommendation/approval only. Teaches creative expression in a beautiful dance form that incorporates ballet technique with contemporary dance.

american smooth ballroom dance classes in texas


Styles include: Waltz - Foxtrot - Tango - Viennese Waltz

All Ages
You will also hear these dances called the ‘Smooth’ dances. These dances move around the dance floor in a counter-clockwise fashion. This style is mainly used for weddings and special events. These ballroom dances are elegant, beautiful, and dramatic, each with its characteristic style. Private and Group Ballroom dance instruction are available.

american rhythm dance classes in texas


Styles include: Rumba - Cha Cha - East Coast Swing - Bolero
These dances, also called ‘Rhythm’ dances, feature many of the sensual, romantic, sexy Latin dances as well as the quintessentially American East Coast Swing. The Latin dances are “spot” dances, meaning the couples generally dance in the same spot on the dance floor as opposed to traveling around the dance floor in a counterclockwise circle, (as they do in the Ballroom or Smooth dances.)

american rhythm dance classes in texas


AGES 2.5 & UP
Tumbling classes will help prepare any student for Cheer, Hip Hop, Karate, Taekwondo, Martial Arts, and more. Tumbling is the execution of acrobatic movements such as rolls, twists, handsprings, or somersaults on floor mats or on the ground. Unlike most other gymnastics, tumbling does not involve the use of apparatuses.

Level 1 - (For Beginners)

Skills that they will be working on

  • Forward & Backward Roll
  • Bridge Down
  • Bridge Kickover
  • Back Walkover
  • Handstand
  • Handstand Bridge
  • Front Walk Over
  • Cartwheel
  • Round-Off

Level 2 - (Must have ALL Level 1 skills)

  • Skills that they will be working on
  • Standing Back Handspring
  • Back Walkover Back Handspring
  • Cartwheel Back Handspring
  • Round Off Back Handspring
  • Round Off 2 Back Handspring
  • Front Handspring
  • Front Handspring Step Out
  • Front Handspring Round Off BHS
  • Back Extension Roll

Level 3 - (Must have ALL Level 2 skills)

Skills they will be working on

  • Multiple BHS Connected
  • Toe Touch BHS
  • Standing Back Tuck
  • Round-Off Back Tuck
  • Round-Off BHS
  • Back Tuck
  • Round-Off 2BHS Tuck
  • Front Tuck


two-step dance classes in texas


Here in West Texas you have to know how to 2 Step! Our lessons will have you out on the dance floor looking like a pro in no time!